I am proud to announce that Cakes by Jan has an edible printer so we can now print your picture to put on your cake.  It uses special food coloring as the ink and sugar sheets for the paper.  Once applied to the cake it simply melts into the icing leaving the picture in tact.  Check out Our Gallery for the High Heel Cake and you can see where we applied a picture to that one.

We also have an edible air brush machine using specialized food coloring as well.  In the High Heel Cake you will see where we hand molded a pair of high heels and then airbrushed it to get the shiny black look.  Also on the MAC makeup cake the pink is airbrushed on the fondant to get the shiny effect on it.  On the pillow cake we airbrushed the gold on the rope and shoe strings.

We hand mold the special characters you see on our cakes using either an edible modeling dough or a fondant/gumpaste mixture.

Regardless of which method we use on your cake, it is all edible.  We look forward to making your next cake.