I never thought my small home based business would have a 2nd location but we now do.  Dawn Coleman took all of my cake decorating classes and lived near me so whenever I had a big project and needed help I would call on her.  Eventually my business grew and I hired her part time as an assistant.  She was wonderful and became my right arm.  Then she informed me that she and her family were moving to Spartanburg for very specific reasons in which I understood.

After talking about how much she enjoyed working with me and wished she could continue her husband asked if she could operated Cakes by Jan in Spartanburg.  I carefully considered it and knew that if anyone could be trusted with my business reputation it was certainly Dawn.  So we negotiated terms and viola … Cakes by Jan Spartanburg now exists with the same great cakes and beautiful decorations.  We look forward to seeing what our Spartanburg office can do.