Our Bios

HI!  My name is Jan Davidson and I am a Certified Cake Decorating Instructor.  What that means is … I have completed training as an instructor and have been certified to teach cake decorating techniques and methods.

I first completed all 4 Wilton courses in 2008 and then again in 2014.  After completing them the second time I applied to become an instructor and went through the Wilton certification process.   I was finally approved and in January of 2015 I began teaching the craft to others.

There are two class types currently offered.  Buttercream Skills and Fondant Skills are certified courses.  Each course consists of 5 2-hour classes and you will be given a certificate of completion for each course.  The second are the Specialty Classes such as Decorating Cookies, Carving Cakes, etc.  They are all 1 time classes that generally take 2 hours.

Last but not least, Cakes by Jan is a legal home bakery under the Cottage Laws of SC.  I provide custom cakes and cake designs for my customers.  The next time you need a cake for a special event such as birthday, wedding, parties, etc give me a call.  I would love to provide you with your special cake.

Hello!  My name is Dawn Coleman and I love baking and decorating.  I completed all of Cakes by Jan’s certified courses and helped her on several projects before being hired as her assistant.  So when I moved to Spartanburg we decided to open up a Spartanburg location and I would continue working in that area.  I look forward to bringing your imagination to life on a cake.