Home Classes

Invited to a home class?  Simply CLICK HERE to register and we will take care of the rest.

Interested in hosting a class?  Hosting a Home Class event is a fun experience that you and your friends will be sure to enjoy!  Here is all you need to do …

How many guests should I invite?

We recommend that you invite 10-15 potential guests to your Home Class event.  It is very common that up to one-third of those invited will decline.  We recommend at least 6 – 12 guests confirmed.  Just be sure you have enough room for 12 if you have 12 confirmed.

What do I need to supply?

You may want to provide drinks and refreshments but it isn’t required.  We will provide all the cakes, icing, tools and even a cake box to take them home in.  Everyone will have their own cake to decorate and keep.

What is the incentive for me to host an event?

Your class will be free for you plus we will have a special gift to say thank you for allowing us in your home.

Is there an age requirement for my guests?

Since this is a private, personalized event, we can tailor the event to your needs and specific age group.  Keep in mind your guests will be participating in approximately 2 hours of hands-on instruction.  You may consider all adults,  mother/daughters, or a children’s class.

Can my guests bring a friend?

Unlike a traditional “home party”, our Home Classes are personalized, private class where all guests need to be confirmed.  Class supplies are determined by the number of confirmed guests, so “drop-in” or unexpected guests cannot be accommodated.  However, if their friend is confirmed with your other guests then that is fine.

How do I ensure all my guests show?

Be sure to communicate that this is more than simply an at-home party; rather a paid, private class where your guests will learn new skills while having fun!  Guests should know upfront that there is a nominal fee, which covers the cost of private instruction and supplies, as they will go home with a beautifully decorated cake that they can be proud of to share with friends and family.-  Payments are prepaid since we are supplying cakes, cake boxes, icing, and preparing the icing for your confirmed guests.  There can be no cancellations within a week before the class is scheduled.

Email jansmarketsc@gmail.com or call Jan at 864-918-6371 to book your Home Class personal party.