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HI!  My name is Jan Davidson and I am a Certified Wilton Method Instructor.  What that means is … I have completed training with Wilton and have been certified to teach cake decorating using their techniques, tools, and methods.

I first completed the courses that I now teach in 2008 and then again in 2014.  After completing them the second time I applied to become an instructor and went through the Wilton certification process.   I was finally approved and in January of 2015 I began teaching the craft to others.

There are two class types that are offered under the Wilton program.  The first is the 3 Certified Courses.  Each course consists of 4 2-hour classes and you will be given a certificate of completion for each course.  The second are the Specialty Classes such as Modeling 101, Tall Cakes, Piping, etc.  They are all 1 time classes that generally take 2 hours.

There are other group classes for special events that I can provide as well.  They will not be Wilton classes but we can have fun with specialty cupcake classes, demos, and presentations.  Simply let me know what you have in mind and we will see if it can be worked out.

Last but not least, Cakes by Jan is a legal home bakery under the Cottage Laws of SC.  I provide custom cakes and cake designs for my customers.  The next time you need a cake for a special event such as birthday, wedding, parties, etc give me a call.  I would love to provide you with your special cake.